Thursday, August 27, 2015

WORKSHOP PRESENTATION: "Decluttering - The First Steps to Organization"

~ Strategies & methods for de-cluttering
~ De-cluttering principles to keep in mind
~ Where to begin
~ How to be careful with others family member's spaces

By de-cluttering well one can literally double the amount of space in a home. Even the smallest of spaces can feel and look spacious if it’s not cluttered and is organized. By sharing our strategies with you I hope to offer hope, encouragement, and vision.  *smile*  I encourage you to live life on purpose!  You’ll have more space for the children to play in, more space for homeschooling, more space for relaxation, more space for company, more space for more children – more space to live in! Through one of my workshops I would like to share the following with you the first steps to organization.

We live in an 1,100 square foot home that nicely fits our family of 11. If you'd like to see how we have de-cluttered and as a result fit beautifully into the home the Lord has provided for us you may visit our virtual Home Tour 

Speaking opportunities have been one of my all time favorite things to do. I hope you are blessed.

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