Thursday, April 7, 2016

Making Sweatshirt Capes!

Summer is nearly here and our boys love to fly around outside playing the hero! Strong, victorious and mighty!  *smile*  Here's how I facilitate this for them. *smile*

I saw this idea for making capes on a boy at a local park near our house and thought it was brilliant!  I purchased used sweatshirts and tee-shirts from Value Village for our boys and turned the sweatshirts into capes. There is no sewing involved and it was very simple. I only needed a pair of scissors and some Fray Check... 

Step 1 - I purchased from Good Will and Value Village four red sweatshirts in men's sizes XXL for $4 each (one for each of our sons).  This allowed the capes to be as long and wide as possible.  The type of fabric doesn't matter, some of mine were thin cotton, some thick, one was polar fleece. They all worked well.  

Step 2 - For each sweatshirt:  I laid it out flat on the table so that the seams were in the side edges.

Step 3 - I cut off the side seams and up through the arms as well. (This fabric was thick polar fleece so it looks like I cut off more than I really was. I cut off only the seam.)

Step 4 - I chose to leave part of the arm hole seems in the cape for a little extra strength. I did not leave the side seams in because it didn't seem that the cape would flow as freely and would have been heavier and straighter.

Step 5 - Then I used the handle of the scissors to just score across the chest of the cape where I thought I would like to cut it, to make sure it was straight enough, equal distance from each shoulder, and a little ways down from the neck line.

Step 6 -  And I cut off the front panel of the sweatshirt along my scored line.

Step 7 - I used Fray Check on the 6 open seems that I cut across to keep them from unraveling. The edges of the sweatshirt do not unravel so they can be left alone.

Ta-da! *laugh* Four super heroes!  Endless play every day - outside or in.  *beam*  The boys choose to wear them whenever we go out to do errands or to the park and everyone  smiles at them and comments.  AND, this idea works with tee-shirts, too, for warmer weather when the sweatshirt capes are too hot.  *cheer!* We have a whole set of both! And yes, I did end up making capes for our little twin girls who also wanted some, out of pink crew-neck tee-shirts. *smile*

Blessings on your family fun!

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