Thursday, March 17, 2016

Interview: "Staying Well-Rested with Nine Children" - with Malia Jacobson of The Well Rested Family

I was interviewed by Malia Jacobson, the author of The Well Rested Family , entitled, "Staying Well-Rested with Nine Children". We thought you might enjoy learning little more about how to accomplish great sleep with a family of any size! *smile*

Malia writes:  
"Whenever I meet the mom of a really big family—especially if she seems the least bit well-rested—I slip into journalist mode. I can’t help it. I have so many questions, mostly about sleep: How on Earth does she get all of those kids into bed, night after night? Does she EVER sleep through the night? And how does she manage to have any time to herself? 

So when I crossed paths with Erika Shupe online (she contacted me about a sleep article I’d written), I jumped at the chance to interview her. She’s the happy mom of 9 kids under the age of 14 (including 11-month-old twins!): Karen, age 13; Melanie, age 12; Brandon, age 8; Anna Marie, age 5; Riley, age 4; Tyler, age 2; Spencer, age 1; and twins Lacey and Lilly, 11 months. 
In addition to juggling an enormous parental workload, Erika finds time to homeschool her children, spend time with her husband Bob, and blog at Large Families On Purpose. As I corresponded with Erika, her warm, happy, calm persona radiated through the computer. And, wouldn’t you know, she chalks her sunny attitude up to getting enough rest. How is that possible, you ask? Let’s find out!"...

Blessings on your sleep! 

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