Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hello!  *hugs*  Welcome to Large Families on Purpose.

The title of our blog has a dual meaning: We believe that children are not an accident, God created them on purpose; and we choose to pursue life on purpose.  *smile*   

My heart's desire is to bring encouragement, vision, and hope that family life can be pleasant and not chaotic; to strengthen your parenting journey. And to speak especially (but not exclusively!) to parents of larger-than-average families who desire to learn more practical how-to's for parenting and managing a home.

It takes intentionality for a mom to get on top of life – house, laundry, parenting, marriage, meals – and it takes effort to stay on top of it; but ultimately it is the most peaceful place for all of us, parents and children a like.  For me it was largely a matter of figuring out what I can handle and what I can't during this season of life.  And how to do it well, and with a smile.  I've learned to be pro-active in all of these areas, not reactive - to do life ON PURPOSE 

For example, de-cluttering and organizing my home so that it is manageable; doing laundry more frequently and with good strategies so that it's manageable; proactively parenting our children at home rather than just reacting to them; managing our home in a way that includes everyone and uses time most efficiently and effectively; budgeting our time during a week so that we have balance with work, play, and rest.  I've learned to simplify life without taking on more than I can handle.  Providing meals that are yummy, healthy, economical, and simple.  Simplify, simplify.  *smile*  These are the things you'll find in our blog.  Learning to "think outside the box" and catch a vision for how life can be wonderful with the children the Lord gives to us.

Now before you get the idea that we have it all together, know that we’re on a journey just like you.  We are learning as we go through life just like you are; we just might have had a more concentrated experience (with 9 children) than some. *smile* We’ve simply had experiences along the way and made a lot of mistakes that we’ve learned from, and this has helped build our tool box of resources and ideas we have to share with those who inquire.  *smile*  

I love to read all of the comments and questions that come in, however I cannot often answer them all as I have to prioritize my time for my family.  I will answer questions as I'm able, but most of the time I will write down the question to be answered in a future blog post. 

I hope you will offer your thoughts and questions as we go along exploring the life experiences of being a large family, building a large family, or desiring a large family… on purpose.

Blessings to you as you read!


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