Monday, July 6, 2015

Family Scrapbooking

Summer is here! And I love to capture family memories with my camera and put them into a photo book for our family to walk down memory lane with later. *smile* Is this part of your summer plans, saving your family's memories? This might be a good time between school years to learn to do so real easily using an online program! 

I spent years using the traditional paper album method, but eventually found that I didn't have that magnitude of time or space for such a project and I couldn't keep up. It made me so sad to think that I wouldn't be able to have those memories in books any longer! However thankfully I was rescued from my scrapbooking slow death by my sister who gave me a quick tutorial of online scrapbooking - and off I went! *cheer!* Here's my journey, and my practical how-to's to share with you...
  • My experience using the traditional paper method
  • Problems I had with that method and my attempted solutions
  • My first solution:  Online scrapbooking with Shutterfly
  • My current favorite scrapbooking company - Picaboo!  
  • More online scrapbooking benefits 
  • Children learning to scrapbook 

    Monday, June 29, 2015

    Government School-At-Home Programs/Co-ops - Be Warned & Informed

    For homeschooling families, spring and summer are the big planning times for the upcoming school year. *smile* So here is some invaluable information that I hope will help guide your decisions. 

    Home-education verses government school-at-home programs (a.k.a. Government-funded alternative learning programs / Virtual schools / Parent partnership programs) is a very sensitive subject amongst the homeschool community. May I first begin by saying that we do not judge anyone who chooses to school their children differently than we do. What each family chooses to do or not do is completely between them and the Lord... But Large Families on Purpose is committed to speaking out on Biblical truth, so here is some very important information for all homeschooling families to be informed about.

    Thursday, June 25, 2015

    Fun Hair for Girls: How to Get Spirals with Rag Curlers

    Here in the United States it will be time again to celebrate the birth of our country on the 4th of July, with fireworks, food, fellowship, and crazy streamers and hats, beads, the wearing of red, white, and blue (the colors of our flag) - and our girls love to have happy hair as well!  *laugh*

    Our oldest daughter currently loves to do her own and all the sisters for some special occasions, birthdays, holidays, or just for fun! And we have also always loved the look of hair styles from movies such as Sense and Sensibility, or Pride and Prejudice. I don’t know many people who know how to do rag curls so I thought I’d share this pretty, feminine look with you friends!  It’s so fun and so beautiful! So - here we go:

    • Directions for the process, with photos and tips
    • End result photos
    • How to do them on one's self 

    Monday, June 22, 2015

    Large Family Camping (2014) - It's Very Do-Able!

    Camping season is here once again! *cheer!* And we're all over it with our large group! Have you desired to camp with young children, or with a larger group but just haven't quite taken the plunge yet? *chuckle* *smile* I invite you to catch a vision for how it can be done, nicely we think, through our photo tour and by hearing how we camp as a team for five days with 11 people... *smile*   This post might seem a little "scrapbooky", which is not what we strive for here on our blog; however the point is to give a visual into the fact that camping with lots of people or with young children is very do-able and can be enjoyable. Just takes a good plan.

    • Basic tent camping - large family style
    • Our packing list & meal planning
    • Unpacking and laundry strategies

    Sunday, June 14, 2015

    Family Audio books - With an On-Going List of Recommendations!

    Are you setting out this summer on any adventures that involve long car rides or air plane travel? Have no fear for occupying children's time! And for great listening together as a family, laughing together, learning together - enjoying listening to a book together.  In our opinion this is such an excellent occupation of travel time, home time, or a gift idea for any occasion, so I thought I would share a list of audio book ideas with you in case you are desiring some for your own family.  I'll also share with you:
    • How we select audio books
    • When we listen to them
    • Why we listen to them
    • Where we've purchased them from
    • Our current library titles - which I will be updating periodically as I find new books!  *smile*
    • How we store library books, individually & collectively

    Monday, June 8, 2015

    Summer Schedule 2015 - (for nine children: ages 16, 15, 11, 9, 8, 6, 5, 4 & 4)

    I have consistently received requests from readers to see my current schedule for our family of 11. *smile*   And I'm so happy to oblige!  So I now have a topic in our home page "Topics" list where I will post our new schedules as I create them for the beginning of each school year in the fall, and one for the summer of that year.  So here is our upcoming Summer 1015 schedule plan if you're interested to see it.  Hope it's helpful, and I'm happy to answer any questions you have about it. 

    (Click to enlarge once or twice)

    Tuesday, June 2, 2015

    Mom Tips - For the Car: Organization & Preparedness

    Are you entering in to a season of more travel in your vehicle as the weather gets nicer? Here are some mom tips from me on how you might do so more comfortably and safely.  *smile* What are "Mom Tips"? ~ I so enjoy the little "mom tips" that I've come across in life - those little things that I've learned learned from my mom, or a mom friend, that just make life a little nicer.  Things that make the daily-daily just a little easier, or make me smile a little more, or will be a time saver for me.  I'm not referring to the bigger projects like de-cluttering or re-organizing, but just the small things - the "mom tips" that aren't in the self-help books, they're just life-experience things that I've gotten from a mom with experience under her belt.  Well I'll share with you some of my Mom Tips for the car; I hope they bring a simple breath of fresh air to your regular every day patterns!  *smile*

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